Rehabilitation Centre in Sangrur

Rehabilitation Centre in Sangrur

Rehabilitation Centre in Sangrur – At Lifeline Foundations, we have the best treatment for drug addicts. We have been in the industry for years and successfully obtained great results against drug addiction. So, come to us today if you are making unsuccessful efforts to make your life drug-free and healthy. 

The patient can be addicted to any of the drugs. Some common drug substances are Cocaine, LSD, Amphetamine, alcohol, opium, smoking, Heroin, Psilocybin, Ketamine, Marijuana, and some others.

But don’t worry. We are experts in handling all these drug abusers. Thousands of patients are now living a healthy and happy life after taking the treatment at our Rehabilitation Centre in Sangrur.

Patients can contact us anytime at +917270033333 if they are indulging in any type of drug. We have effective treatment remedies and concepts which will provide you with overall health benefits and cure. Moreover, our Yoga and Meditation sessions and eco-friendly medicinal therapies are working wonderfully to achieve the best outcomes.

Get your life back on the healthy track with the help of our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Sangrur. We are running several De-addiction centres across north India. Our Rehabilitation Centre in Sangrur is fully incorporated with advanced and modern techniques to give you the best possible drug rehabilitation solutions under one roof.

Best Rehabilitation Centre in Sangur

We are taking it for guaranteed to enrich your health with effective medical remedies at our rehabilitation centre. Health is more than wealth. Because wealth can be re-earned if once lost, but it is not possible in the case of health.

So, at our Rehabilitation Centre in Sangrur, we promise you will be successful in achieving your desired health status. You will be fully capable of living a wonderful and happy life once again. Call us at +917270033333 and join us at our best Rehabilitation Centre in Sangrur. Start taking the benefits of exceptional medical therapies to make your life full of prosperity and enthusiasm.

We are serving society with advanced medical facilities at lower prices. To remove the evil of drug addiction from the roots, Mr Sanjeev Sharma, the founder of the organization, laid down the foundation stone of the centre in the year 2000. Since then, we have created a remarkable history under his superb guidance and expertise.

Why do we need a Rehabilitation Centre in Sangrur?

During the last few years, we have usually come across the news of the opening of drug rehabilitation centres. There happened a glut in the last 4 to 5 years and the number goes on increasing.

Especially in Punjab, the evil of drug addiction has produced such a destructive picture of our society. It has affected society adversely as a whole. Now it seems a great need to fight against this dreadful evil with fully capable and effective weapons and strategies. In this context, we are making untiring efforts at our Rehabilitation Centre in Sangrur to remove drug addiction from society and make it livable once again.

No.1 Nasha Mukti Kendra in Sangrur

The most important part is that we have our agricultural farms at our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Sangrur. We grow our fruits and vegetables which are organic and fully beneficial from a health point of view. Most importantly, we never use any kind of pesticides or insecticides to maintain their nutritional value. In addition, we serve our patients fruit juices, and milkshakes as per their body requirements.

Further, our rehabilitation centre in Sangrur is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We are working in a cool, calm and hygienic environment. It is a pollution-free area. Ultimately, it helps to make the recovery fast and consistent all the way.

Ambulance service is available 24 hours free of cost. Just call +91 7270033333 if you need help taking the patient to our Rehabilitation Centre in Sangrur.

How will our De-Addiction Centre in Sangrur be a Worthy Choice for you?

At Lifeline Foundations, we are offering effective measures to destroy your drug addiction completely. With tremendous experience in practical cases, we are fully capable of handling critical cases of any drug addiction. Therefore, our De-addiction Centre in Sangurr will be a great option for you because:

Our team of expert and experienced doctors, physiologists, psychologists, motivators, and counsellors is dedicated to generating the best results. They are the best and most professional people in their field. So, they apply tremendous and medically proven treatment policies to drug addicts.

Similarly, our yoga and meditation experts will favourably guide you. They will try their best by practising effective physical and mental exercises. Their superb guidance and positive approach will make you fit physically and mentally as well. Further, it has been seen that these sessions are proving to be productive for the patients.

Top Rehabilitation Centre in Sangrur

Similarly, at our Rehabilitation Centre in Sangrur, we strongly focus on the nutritional and balanced diet needs of drug addicts. We know a balanced diet plays an important role in the fast recovery of patients. Therefore, our diet experts draw an individual diet plan as per the health status of the patients. Similarly, our meals are full of nutritional values that we provide to drug abusers. It generally includes high protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and other factors necessary for good health.

Unlike any other Nasha Mukti Kendra in Sangrur, we have a great collection of recreational activities. Therefore, we have big playgrounds for outdoor and indoor sports games. Drug addicts can play any game they are interested in and take additional health benefits from it.

At our De-addiction centre, we have excellent infrastructural facilities in the form of beautiful AC rooms, a hygienic kitchen, courtyards and backyards, a gymnasium, a library, swimming pools, jogging parks, and various other comforts. All these facilities are compulsory to make your treatment free of pain, comfortable, eco-friendly, and easy.

We have recorded a higher success rate along with 100% customer satisfaction.

Address – Village Faggan Majra Patiala

Contact No +91 7270033333

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